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I’m a lineman where can I work?

I’m a UK qualified Lineman, I have 23 years experience, LE1 qualified, SAP with 6 UK distrubition companys, worked my way from bottom to the top, anyone/country want me? Done all from 240LV, wood pole 11000HV to 128 tower work, fully experienced in building, maintaining the above. Worked in Africa building distrubition networks for 4 years, hurricanne damage repair and rebuild in the Carribean and Central America.

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5 Responses to “I’m a lineman where can I work?”

  1. old hoot said :

    Are you saying that you have not been working all along? You can work where ever you want to with the experiences you have.

  2. edjdonnell said :

    what did you blow-up? why are you not working now in the UK? with such stellar qualifications, why no local employment? besides that, you seem to have worked out of country, so why not there again? why can’t you work in any of the places listed? preference? or just want to try something new again? can’t rally help you on this, you got all the skills, whats stopping you? do you charge to much?

  3. Painted Stick said :

    sounds like you have skills to work anywhere, where do you want to go and start applying to all possibilities.

  4. usafatceo said :

    The USA need people in Louisiana.
    No one from there wants to work to rebuild the place.

  5. CLIVE H said :

    Try USA – “I’m the lineman for the county…..”


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