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In DIY tattooing, can one use a razor blade to cut a shallow straight line and then pour the ink into it?

Instead of using a sowing needle. Coz all I want is straight lines.

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20 Responses to “In DIY tattooing, can one use a razor blade to cut a shallow straight line and then pour the ink into it?”

  1. ruby ray. said :

    dont do that!
    it will get infected
    and if its badly infected it might lead to ampuatation!

  2. pedro b said :


  3. justNangel said :

    that’s not tattooing that’s self harm! why not just get it done at a reputable tattoo shop? doing it yourself could lead to problems such as infections

  4. Sam G said :

    DIY tattooing is never a good idea, more likely than not you will end up making a mess of it or it will get infected. Just wait till your 18 and if your still keen on getting a tattoo get it done by a Professional who knows what he’s doing and can make it look good. No matter how careful you are it will always look home made and just really bad. And also don’t take this as encouragement to go through with doing it yourself, but just in case you do you have to use proper tattoo ink, you cant just bung any old ink from a biro or something like that in there

  5. whysoserious? said :

    no point in doing it yourself mate ive tried it and it turns out shit . it needs to be between two particular layers of skin otherwise it jus seeps and blurs it looks shit. might aswell get it done prople its not that expensive depending what u want done.

  6. Fifi said :

    no DIY tattooing, its dangerous is stupid, i mean your using a sewing needle!!?
    save up money and get done by a professional who knows what their doing.
    you are highly likely to get an infection or/and a s**t tattoo if you use a homemade gun because the needle will not go deep enough in the skin.

  7. Painted In Silver said :

    dont do it!!!!!!!!

  8. J said :

    …THE HELL??!!?

  9. Brittany said :

    Are you seriously that dumb?

  10. LeahB said :

    Now, why the —- would you want to do that?

    In case it is not obvious, have you considered seeking psychological help.

  11. when.october.comes said :

    if your willing to do all that just buy a tattoo machine off of ebay for 60 bucks and experiment at home, cause quality sure isnt what your looking for.

  12. JJ said :

    Yeah if you want blood poisoning and you cant die from that. If not it will get infected! Thats just a really daft idea!!!!
    Whats the point in permanent straight lines?

  13. Chelsea said :

    You want in on a little secret? Check out what my local body piercer says about DIY tattoos. You might reconsider.

  14. Clelia;Savvy. said :

    I don’t advise this tbh, its more likely to get infected and youll have some dodgy lines. Get a home tattooing kit, or just go to a tattooist. Youll be paying money to keep your infected wounds clean, why not pay once and get exactly what you want. Unless this is some kind of, being different phase, where you just want a story about how you did it. In that case, by all means go ahead with your razors.

  15. M. said :

    It’s probably just going to look like ass.
    Homie, you need a pro to do that tattoo!

  16. *Kristen* said :

    That is honestly the WORST idea I have ever heard.

  17. Eliza Dolittle said :

    omg don’t b soooo stupid, u could end up being posioned, if u can’t afford a tat then don’t hv one, please please don’t do tht!!

  18. Catherine B said :

    You shouldnt diy tattoos anyways, specially not like that, guess you are readyfor a er visit.

  19. Oldgrump said :

    Yeah, great idea – you go for it! While you’re at it, why don’t you drink some untreated sewage – that way you’re guaranteed to get a nasty infection.


  20. JLEE said :

    do it, don’t listen to what the other comments say. If all you need is straight lines then it works perfectly, just don’t go to deep because the deeper doesn’t mean the better.


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