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is a DIY will and testament still legal in the UK? can the witnesses be?

husband and wife?? also, can the CUSTODIAN of the will be more than one person (i have 3 sisters and i want to make 2 of them custodians and the 1 will be the main beneficiary, she’s the youngest and is the only one who doesnt own property…) can she be the main beneficiary and custodian? thanks!
i just found a long-winded explanation on here if anyone wanted CAB ADVICE

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4 Responses to “is a DIY will and testament still legal in the UK? can the witnesses be?”

  1. RAMSBOTTOM said :

    you should have an independent witness you can have as many beneficiaries as you like. but only have one executor makes it much easier to effect

  2. Alfie said :

    DIY Wills are perfectly legal if they are drawn up in accordance with the rules. A copy of rules accompany Will forms when you buy them, usually.
    Husband to witness wife and vice versa? No, witness to be no relation. Check the rules.
    Anyone can look after the Will (be custodian), a law firm can do it better than an amateur, but they will charge a fee. One person alone can be the sole beneficiary, it’s up to you to say so in your Will.
    Do check the rules about the role of the Executor/s (appointed in the Will). They can be very helpful or can be a right nuisance.

    This Answer provided by a non-expert, non-legal seeker after similar truths recently. Best see a specialist lawyer to ensure the Will is OK and flaw-free. Do that before you pop your clogs, eh? .

  3. Electra said :

    DIY wills are perfectly legal but why bother? For only £50, anyone can have a will drawn up by a top lawyer if you take advantage of the scheme operated by AGE CONCERN.
    You get a form sent to you which asks you who you would like to be beneficiaries in the will and what you want to leave them. You state who you want to act as executors etc and then send the completed form back to Age concern. The AC lawyer then writes a will to your specification and sends it to you for approval. If all is well, you get the will signed and witnessed as instructed and return it to them. The lawyer checks it to make sure your instructions are legally watertight and then sends it back to you. It is simple and foolproof. Call into any local Age Concern shop for details.

  4. Bill Ryan said :

    The first wo replies are misleading. It is always better to have at least two executors. Make the second one a reserve if you like.

    Witnesses can be a relation but should not be a beneficiary or married or partner of a beneficiary.


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