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Is an undercoat of Paint REALLY neccessary for painting wood?

I am using a Conker Brown Paint to paint a small amount of the Technology work
Do i need to place on an undercoat of paint that IS A DIFFERENT colour?
Or can i just paint my tech work twice? So one layer, then again a few hours later?

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11 Responses to “Is an undercoat of Paint REALLY neccessary for painting wood?”

  1. w61earl said :

    The undercoat (primer) is only necessary if you want the paint to adhere well, and to last.

  2. anthony said :

    i would prime it first. i noticed a big difference when you prime before painting. it makes the color more even. i would prime then 2 coat.

  3. MOOve over! BOTTOM contributer! said :

    undercoat paints usually help the paint on the outside get a chance in hell in the elements presented to it on a daily basis.

    undercoats don’t have to be a different color… wood is very flexable, it’s very absorbant.. i’d undercoat that hummer til next tuesday!

  4. fatmansergeant said :

    I always prime with primer with a little of the color of paint mixed in, and then two coats afterwards. Makes for much better adhesion to the paint and overall better looking product, the paint tends to look more uniform.

  5. Tensei Kaname said :

    put undercoat if you want it to last and for better texture after painting the final coat.

  6. JOHN H said :

    The spec for painting wood is sandpaper down, give it one coat of primer.Sandpaper down give it coat of undercoat, sandpaper down again then give it second coat of undercoat sandpaper down and give it a coat of gloss. and you will see the beutifull finish this makes.

  7. Taf said :

    Undercoat and primer are different things (Primer is for bare, not painted wood).

    Two layers of gloss do not equal one undercoat and one gloss.

    Undercoat is a softer paint and acts as a cushion against knocks and like a non-slip mat between the old and new gloss coats which are rigid by comparison. If you don’t undercoat you will likely find the next time you come to paint the old paint peels off rather than rubs down. If you want a proper job use undercoat. If not, don’t.

  8. Sailor said :

    If the wood is untreated then it needs one coat of Primer, (any base colour will do). After this at least one coat of undercoat in a similar colour to the finsl coat. Then the final coat.

    The reason for the diferent coats of paint is due to the properties of the paint.

    The primer is a coating that soaks into the wood and provides a bonding surface for the undercoat.

    The undercoat bonds with the primer and provides a surface which interacts with the solvents in the top coat to give a smooth permanent final hard coat.

  9. chopsaw said :

    The first coat is a bonding coat, that hopefully will not chip or peel off. You can get some color added to it if you would like. And yes you can probably get away with just painting it twice. Just depends what you are painting over the top of. Is it oil or water finish…….and are you putting oil or water over again……….How many stains are you trying to cover? Good luck!!!

  10. big owl said :

    You only need undercoat if you are using gloss paint(oil paint)if its emulsion paint you can paint over what ever is on the walls.

  11. Eagle1 said :

    It’s always best to prime any surface before applying paint, this will help the paint to cling if you don’t and later on you decide to wipe it most likely it will peel right off like a bad sunburn.


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