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Is it hard to take out and replace bath toilet and sink as a diy novice?How much to pay a handyman to do itUK

Best value place to buy the suite?

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7 Responses to “Is it hard to take out and replace bath toilet and sink as a diy novice?How much to pay a handyman to do itUK”

  1. puddy said :

    good question cos i need this doing myself. i think b and q are quite reasonable but wicks are cheaper if you’re not fussed about what suite to get

  2. nosdda said :

    To remove your bathroom suite is not difficult. It is a matter of disconnecting everything. Begin by turning off the water supply to the items to be removed, and opening all the hot and cold taps in the house to drain any water left in the pipework. With the wash basin, start by removing the waste fittings underneath, then undo the hot and cold pipes, the sink can now be removed. For the bath, remove the bath panel and undo the waste fitting underneath, then the pipes to the bath taps. If you cant reach under the bath to unscrew the nuts, then cut the pipes ith a junior hacksaw. you will have to break any sealant around the bath before removing it, and I would suggest you use a Stanley knife for this. You will also have to remove any frame that the bath panel was attached to. As for the toilet, flush any water in the cistern away, and bale out any water left. Try to unscrew the toilet from the floor, But if you find this difficult, and you are discarding the toilet, the break the china around the screws. As you take the toilet out there will be water still left in the toilet bowl but you can pour this away into a bucket. When all is removed, you will have to seal all the open pipes temporarily and I suggest you use compression fittings. These fittings are called stop ends. You will need four 15mm stop ends and one 22mm stop end. You can buy these at any plumbers merchant , ask for compression stop ends. When all the pipes are sealed, you can turn all your taps off and put the water back on. Wait 2 minutes then open the taps again to clear any air from the pipwork. Forgot to mention to disconnect the overflow from the toilet as well. The best bargain in batroom suites at the moment is B&Q.

  3. LYNNSGARETHS said :

    i bought a bathroom suite of ebay for 250.00,taps for 30.00 and i got it fitted from a plumber whos number i got in the paper for 250.00 which i thought was cheap hope this helps.

  4. rhamm618 said :

    I do not know what rates in your area are but around here I would accept $100.00 for a two day job. I feel, he should easily be able to get it all out in one day, and disposed of properly.
    The second day will conclude installing the new and making all the connections needed.

    Do not do like many people tend to do. They hire someone to come in and do work, then they’ll stand there talking to them for a large part of the time. This causes the handyman to only be able to work at a reduced rate – the job will take longer and it is you who will be paying for this time.
    Hire someone, and get out of their way so they can work and it will go a lot faster and smoother. Just make sure you’re aware of everything so you don’t get ripped off if it is a handyman you do not know too well.

  5. xenon said :

    From the “body-language” of your question I suspect that you don’t have the skill to do this job. Get 3 estimates, and do yourself a favour.

  6. fishsunwin said :

    4 hundred

  7. ** co.** said :

    use and yes it will be possible much better to get the experience than to pay for it i think.


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