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Is it possible to DIY cavity wall insulation?

There are no grants in my area. I have been told its possible but can find no info anywhere.

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6 Responses to “Is it possible to DIY cavity wall insulation?”

  1. xenon said :

    I would’nt think so. Installers have equipment which cost thousands, SORRY

  2. myownprivateroad said :

    Surely if you can access the top of the cavity from inside your loft, you could fill it with polystyrene balls?

    I’m no expert but would also like to know if it is really possible.

    Edit: Maybe using polystyrene balls was a bit of a comical idea.

  3. boredatwork said :

    The only reason you could not do this yourself is as said before, the equipment would be expensive to buy and as far as I know cannot be hired. As for pouring beads down the cavity, you would not get the density of fill required.

  4. Yahooooooooo said :

    i have absolutely no idea, however i would simply love to be there when the second person to answer tries to fill the cavity with polystyrene balls…… would be hilarious………as anyone who has ever tried filling a bean bag knows, the little blighters go eveyrwhere…….also can you imagine how many would be needede!!! hahahaha

  5. agb90spruce said :

    Blow in insulation can be done as a DIY project … albeit messy. A blower and hose can be rented and it’s really only a matter of cutting holes the right size for the hose at the top and bottom of each panel of the wall (between each stud). If there are cross pieces between studs half way up you need to drill 4 holes though … and that gets tiresome.The loose fill insulation is blown in from the bottom, stopping when it starts to blow out at the top.

    That said, I’d get a contractor to do it. It only takes a day to do several rooms.

    If you want to keep costs down you can do the prep (remove furniture, cut holes, etc.) and cleanup, and even — if you can do drywall — repairs to the walls.

  6. gary said :

    dont forget any vents need brushing off,cavity barrier,, then new core vents need fitting if any solid fuel burners over 7kw, as instalation stops the air flow in any cavity,, best get company to do job as all a.c.o.p.s regestered,


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