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Is there something I could give my hamster instead of wood to help with her teeth?

She won’t use the wood, I got her some fruit flavoured wood a couple of weeks ago to see if that worked better but she still won’t touch it!
What can I give her?

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14 Responses to “Is there something I could give my hamster instead of wood to help with her teeth?”

  1. Brena said :

    There are mineral treats also you can try. If there aren’t any specifically for hamsters, try other rodent treats or even rabbit supplies.

  2. mychemicaljoe said :

    i don’t know if there good for there teeth but the insides of toilet rolls and kitchen rolls keeps them entertained for hours

  3. daftoldwoman said :

    have a look for an edible house. i bought one for my gerbil and he spent many hours trying to demolish it.
    only about £2.50 from somewhere like pets are us.
    much better than the little wooden sticks.
    hope that helps

  4. Kate M said :

    Timothy Hay keeps teeth trim and provides fibre. A handful every few days should help. You can also provide a wooden house as they might chew that.

  5. Home Schooled Rat Freak said :

    Will, there is a thing called “edible house’ of something like that and you can acquire it at wal*mart. And also some treats that are hard.

  6. cavylover90 said :

    You can try milkbone dog cookies, or pellet hamster food added to a seed mix.
    Don’t give hay, as it can damage inside of their cheek pouches.

  7. Lulabelle said :

    Give her nuts in a hard shell – almonds will be good.

  8. Kiki T said :

    i dunno but maybe salt and mineral licks they sometimes like nibling those.

  9. [email protected] said :

    give your hamster a bone from a roast piece of meat

  10. nebit214 said :

    my hamsters don’t like wood either. I offer them greenies dog chews (in moderation, otherwise they’ll eat nothing but greenies, lol) Nylabone edibles in fruit flavors or turkey/lamb and rice, hard dog biscuits (old mother hubbard is an excellent brand) and even small dog bones. They like the ones with a little bit of meat left on them, not the sterilized ones. I’ve also found that they realy like the super pet trail mix bars, which are rock-hard and have a mineral stone backing so they’re good for teeth.

  11. Jessica said :

    You can make your own hamster toys or buy some readymade ones that are on the market in petstores. Homemade toys that your hamster will enjoy include :

    * swinging toilet tube rolls – dangle these and watch your little hamster swing off their new toy like Tarzan (or Jane)
    * if you are fortunate enough to have an apple tree in the backyard, you can snap off a branch and put it in your hamster cage – your hamster will enjoy using it as a climbing frame and gnawing on the branch – great to keep those incisor teeth in shape!
    * use a shorter branch from the apple tree and make a trapeze and watch your hamster swing off it!
    * empty egg cartons make lovely nesting boxes for dwarf hamsters – just cut holes on either side and watch your hamsters burrow into them – great hamster toy!
    n their native habitat, hamsters have to travel great distances to find food, a fact that explains domestic hamsters’ need for lots of exercise. Exercise wheels can provide hamsters with a good bit of activity, but they should not be the only source of physical activity. Complement the hamster’s home gym and entertainment center with chew ables such as a dog biscuit or pesticide-free twigs from beech trees, maples, willows, hazelnut bushes, or fruit trees; these will also help keep the animal’s incisors worn down. Cardboard boxes, toilet-paper rolls, and paper-towel rolls are also safe for hamsters to burrow in, chew on, and play with. Wooden ladders and branches fastened securely to the inside of the tank can help hamsters show off their climbing agility.

  12. The First Dragon said :

    Hamsters will usually chew on anything hard. Wood, metal, plastic, whatever. It doesn’t have to taste good. Their food is usually hard also, and requires some chewing.
    Unless you notice the teeth getting too long, don’t worry about it. You could try a salt block; rodents will usually chew on that. But if the teeth are okay, don’t worry.

  13. shih tzu lady said :

    All sorts of treats from the pet shop. I used to give my hamsters bonio biscuits to gnaw on. Also, if you have an apple tree somewhere local, take a branch from that. They are safe.

  14. AT said :

    Dog biscuits. Hamsters love them. Give her one a week, and if they are biscuits made for large dogs make sure you half them.


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