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I’ve just decorated my hall, warm yellow walls with white wood work. what colour carpet?????

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8 Responses to “I’ve just decorated my hall, warm yellow walls with white wood work. what colour carpet?????”

  1. my rain hat said :

    i would go for a brown…or deeper shade of beige/natural colour.

  2. Mystical Mamba said :

    pick a darker nutral (never cream!) carpet to flow from your hall to your living room/dining room/next room as this creates a feeling of space and cohesion throughout the house – don’t pick a different carpet for each room xx

  3. kat said :

    Hi – sounds nice and welcoming!
    i would go for a beige/ natural looking colour but not too light and with a small raised same colour pattern eg. squares – just vso it has a texture to it – i have this in my hall but have seen others where the colour is too light and so doesnt last long as looks dirty quickly. good luck in choosing!

  4. Rottie Mom said :

    Almost any darkish color would work. Brown, blue, green, grey. Stay away from light colors because it shows dirt so quickly.

  5. TERRY H said :

    I have warm yellow walls in my bedroom. The carpet is a rich, deep plain red. I did this on advice from a friend whose house is always beautifully decorated and well coordinated.
    I thought it sounded awful but it works very well and the red reinforces the warmth of the yellow.

  6. Bilbo said :

    Donkey brown, or grey.

  7. BraxOwl said :

    I would choose a rich red color.

  8. MICHAEL H said :

    definitely a lightish brown,if its a well used area marks wont show up so much as a lighter colour.


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