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Need to be cheered up – dodgy DIY accidents?

Been DIY-ing today and realised cant do anything without getting injured. Today it was my toe. The other day I hammered the end of my little finger off while laying laminate…….there was blood splatter everywhere all over the nice new floor…..CSI would have had a field day.
Anyone else had accidents while doing DIY?

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7 Responses to “Need to be cheered up – dodgy DIY accidents?”

  1. Jason B said :

    Not today, but i nailed 2 fingers together with my Nail Gun… I hit nail that was hiding under the surface and the nail changed direction and bang. Right through 2 of them…

    Funny thing was that it hurt A LOT LESS than hitting them with a hammer??? Odd.

  2. eesnatiaw said :

    Few years ago, decorated bathroom… beautiful!
    Went in loft…
    Bathroom ceiling…
    Daughter in hysterics!
    I wasn’t, when I had to mend it all!

  3. dali333 said :

    oh yeah. i am a decorative painter and stayed all of last week in the home of the client we were painting for in a large city . so all went well until i cut my finger using a very sharp knife( mine at home apparently are very dull) and for 3 days i kept bleeding all over the place. on the last day, i was stripping the bed i had been using and bumped my damn finger again and literally sprayed blood all over the mattress pad. the housekeeper was coming that day but i was so embarrassed i had to sneak around to get the thing washed.

    funny thing is…i cut it while i was cutting carrots for soup. the homeowner is recently divorced and we thought we would make him a home cooked meal. as it turned out…he didnt even eat any of the soup. what a hoser. i charged him an extra 100 bucks for that kick in the pants ;b (oh trust me…he can afford it)

  4. funnelweb said :

    Often. We get through masses of plasters.

  5. Kimberly said :

    Seems every time I get on the ladder I manage to fall off. Hubby is gone most of the time and our Daughter is in school, so I am left to run our ranch single handed. It is so funny sometimes!

  6. doglover said :

    There is a handyman magazine that has DIY disasters on the last page. My all time favourite was the guy that decided to use his shop vac to get all the gasoline out of the lawn mower. Apparently the shop vac caught fire and exploded. I would have liked to have seen that!
    My second favourite was when my brother accidentally kicked a hole in the kitchen wall when he was tying his boots. The lace broke and he wound up punching himself in the head as his foot went through the wall. My Dad mixed up some poly filla from powder and was stirring it up and running for the wall when my brother interrupted him with some “emergency” (he wanted money for smokes) and wouldn’t let my dad past. The poly filla hardened up and was ruined. My old man was left standing there swearing a blue streak that is embedded in my memory! Oh, and he chased my brother out of the house and called him all sorts of names!
    Hope this cheers you up!

  7. johncob said :

    Smile, guys…..
    Was stripping emulsion from kitchen walls using paint stripper, being a bit of a cowboy (at that time) was not using gloves.
    So, now, overalls trouser legs a little long, pick up paint stripper from floor with bottom of legs, squat…. backs of legs on bum…..paint stripper on bum…hurts.
    Wifey was plying me lots of coffee, what goes in,must go out, so went to the toilet for a leak…..guess where I got paint stripper!!!!!!! it hurt.


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