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Paper collage on wood, whats the best way to do it?

I have a small set of draws for keeping stationary in and I am thinking of covering it in a collage but I am not sure how I will stick the paper onto the wood and stop it from tearing once on wood.

Any suggestions? is there a certain type of glue that would work? Should I varnish it afterwards or use some sort of contact paper?


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4 Responses to “Paper collage on wood, whats the best way to do it?”

  1. Yo said :

    Look into a technique called ‘decoupage’. Go to a craft store and by a product called mod podge. It looks like a white glue, but it dries clear.
    Basically you’ll be putting it down and then putting the paper on top…letting it dry…and then coating it on top with mod podge to make it stay. Look up specific instructions though.

  2. xxxNO1xxx said :

    use wallpaper paste, that will give agood hardwearing finish. varnishing after will give sheen and protection to your work.

    PVA glue would probably be fine but maybe not as hardwearing/water-resistant as w.paper paste + varnish – you can varnish over with PVA after youve finished.

  3. Diane B. said :

    First, I wouldn’t use Contact paper as a final layer at all… it won’t be nearly as strong as a liquid adhesive.

    As mentioned, what you want to do is “decoupage.” You may need to prep the surface if it’s shiny by sanding it a bit, but in general you’ll just use a clear-drying liquid adhesive** to hold the collage pieces on, as well as using it as a sealer afterward.

    **Mod Podge and Royal Coat are sold as “decoupage mediums”, but are basically the same as permanent “white glue” (like Elmer’s GlueAll) thinned down with water –at least half, but more likely 3-4 to 1 to avoid brushmarks.

    When all the paper pieces are stuck down with the liquid adhesive and layered, you’ll add a number of new coats of liquid adhesive until the top is even and flat all the way across, not bumpy from the various papers (letting dry thoroughly between each coat) .

    For the final coat, you can use the same thinned white glue or Royal Coat, etc. (which will dry clear), or you can use a clear polyurethane from the hardware store which would be even a bit stronger (most people use a glossy version, but you could also use a satin or even matte).

    This whole process will completely encase the papers and they won’t tear at all.

    You can get a bit more info on “decoupage” (and more links about it) from this page at my site if you’re interested:
    (… click on the category DECOUPAGE near the bottom of the list at the top of that page)


    Diane B.

  4. freaky_chick said :

    Modge podge! Lots of varieties available from this store

    Have bought from there a couple of times – good service, good prices. You can get different finishes – my favourite is the sparkle!

    If you go to the modge podge website, lots of inspiration and info:

    Have fun creating!


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