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Pregnant and having house rennovations, is it risk to baby if I stay in home while work been done?

There has been work rennovations in the house since Easter, it has been very dusty, but ive tried keeping out the way for that, and while they were also painting just staying out the way,

though now there is alot of wood work been done, and feel like I cant get away from the smell of sawdust as soon as I walk into the house. I just wanted to know if this harmful for baby and me, also they will be varnishing soon aswell so Im still trying to keep out the way but quite difficult since staying here just now, would it be better if stayed at friends while rest of work is been done, or is it safe.
im 35weeks baby due soon

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3 Responses to “Pregnant and having house rennovations, is it risk to baby if I stay in home while work been done?”

  1. Stain Girl said :

    I think the varnish fumes are best avoided but as for the dust, nah it’s not really a problem for the baby. And also most paint nowadays is unleaded so the fumes aren’t dangerous either. I would say the biggest problem would be the stress, noise and the varnish fumes that would be the biggest problems but if you open all the windows etc and you can cope with the noise and upheaval then I don’t see any need for you to leave the house.

  2. Holly said :

    Sawdust shouldn’t be a problem, and the varnish, if you can get out the house, probably a good idea but if not just make sure the rooms are very well ventilated, I think things like varnishes can cross the placenta so be careful. Holly

  3. Em said :

    If you can stay elsewhere then I would. The wood may have been treated in the past and if you wouldn’t eat it then I wouldn’t breathe it in if you can help it. Don’t panic, just see if you can find somewhere else. If its new wood then that shouldn’t be an issue.


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