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Should I move to rochester kent, from wood green north london, factoring in travel etc to london to work?

thanks guys, thats all really helpful, to the person that used to do that, is it crazily expensive to commute, and is it worth it?

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6 Responses to “Should I move to rochester kent, from wood green north london, factoring in travel etc to london to work?”

  1. Rachellie said :

    Yes. My sister done it and has no regrets whatsoever. Go for it, better lifestyle and nice air to breath in. Good Luck. She lives in Hoo, Rochester.

  2. happiness_5 said :

    Yes – absolutely – grab the chance asap – Wood Green is so built up and pretty minging! Shabby, busy and grubby. Get some oxygen in your lungs, lucky thing!

  3. dels replies said :

    Well although it will cost you more in money and time I would go to Kent. I used to know Wood Green quite well and it was a nice area.. Not any longer though. I wouldn’t live there now.

  4. trudidog7 said :

    I used to live in Rochester and work in Wood Green, i was a joy to get home and away from there, i have now moved to Suffolk and still work in North London, and prefer the extra travel, sooner than live in North london

  5. Luke E said :

    Another factor is where you work – if you work near Victoria, London Bridge, Charing Cross or Blackfirars (or wherever the trains from Rochester go to) the travel time wont be too bad but if you’ve then got to get on a tube or bus to get to work I would think seriously about it as its extra hassle having to use two modes of transport.

    Also think about what you would miss in London – bars, pubs, restaurants, theatres, shopping etc and whether you can cope with not having them or if there are alternatives available in Rochester.

    And think about the other things you value – would your friends likely be willing to travel to see you in your new house? Are there going to be people that you can get on with in Rochester? Is the cost of housing plus the cost of season tciket affordable? Are there trains back late at night so that you can go out after work and not have to worry too much about getting the train? etc etc etc

  6. Bob Turrnece said :

    with the new high speed train it is definitely a good place to commute to London from


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