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Started work at a new company last week, need to find morning wood?

I started at a company last week that makes products from wood, like tables, chairs etc. One of the guys told me to find a book called ‘Morning Wood’ written by Woody B0n3r (YA won’t let me type the correct spelling for this word for some reason) and it would show me how to hold wood in my hand the correct way. Anywho, I have done a search on the internet and can’t find this book or author, do you know anything about morning wood?

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4 Responses to “Started work at a new company last week, need to find morning wood?”

  1. Gaspode said :

    Just read up on the 8 years of Bush treason, and you will learn a lot about morning-wood manipulation. How to play away 13 million jobs using trickle-down methods and tax cuts at the top.

    Morning-wood manipulation is the fastest growing occupation among Republicans.

  2. Cornish Granny said :

    Could this be the same as Tartan paint, or a left handed screwdriver?
    It’s usual in some places to wind up new boys !!.

  3. ezekiel said :

    Probably a wind up. But can’t work out the BOn3r. but maybe I’m a plank. Could you not spell it out with a space in between each letter?

  4. noodles said :

    Cornish Granny – I think it just may be – lol

    Morning Wood will be found in the next section to Sky Hooks’ and just down the aisle from the left handed hammers. The book can be found in most libraries under the Do It Yourself section.

    Hope this helps – lol


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