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Stripping old wood work?

We just bought a house that was built in 1876. Our wood work is ornate with lots of detail, however, someone painted it all white : ( I have begun the task of stripping it and restoring it to its original beauty. I have been doing this for 2 weeks and have not even got the one wall done.

I am using strippers and a sander. I keep thinking there has to be an easier way. Any suggestions?

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7 Responses to “Stripping old wood work?”

  1. 101 said :

    blow torch, dont hold the heat on the wood/paint too long, just untill the paint starts smoking or turns brown then wire brush the paint away..

  2. dedgrimm said :

    Your doing it right. Now you know why companies charge so much to do restoration work. If you have the patience and constitution to continue (or can afford to hire someone to do it) it will be well worth the effort.

    It will definately increase your home value as well.

  3. ann a said :

    nitromorse is an option,(not sure if thats correct spelling for it)you coat it on & leave for a certain amount of time & it takes all the old paint off the wood.You have to have plenty of ventilation & gloves when using as is very strong stuff & gives off vapours.So care is needed.Best to check details with store if buying but will strip out paint from the ornate parts.

  4. pebblespro said :

    There’s a heat torch like product you can buy.. It looks like an industrial strengh hair dryer.. .It will literally take the paint off in bigger sections, down to the wood ! It’s fairly easy to use just point it in the direction you want to strip and let the paint bubble and scrape off with a scraper…. That will be a little easier than a sander.. Good luck

  5. amo45 said :

    i’ve used a heatgun to remove old paint from old wood it works really well on large flat areas but stripper and a small wire brush work much better on small and ornate areas.its a long tough job but the finished results will be so worth it -hang in there

  6. DIYpro said :

    You are doing it the right way but are you using a respirator. Most likely you are dealing with lead paint in a house of that age! See the link for details.

  7. markyfire said :

    Be careful as that paint may well contain harmful lead in a house of that era. a sander or even blowtorch will just release the particles too much so you will probably need a suitable paste or something i think, just read the instructions! good luck


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