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Water leaking from cistern: temporary fix please? Any DIY plumbers out there?

Water is leaking from a pipe coming from the bottom of my toilet cistern. At the moment I have a bowl catching the drips but it is filling up quickly. Any ideas how to stop the flow until I get it fixed tomorrow? Is it possible to totally empty the cistern, or somehow bung the pipe? I think it just needs a washer – any alternative I can use in the meantime?

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9 Responses to “Water leaking from cistern: temporary fix please? Any DIY plumbers out there?”

  1. josephrob2003 said :

    easy just lift off the cover and lift the ballcock(float) till the valve is closed and tie it with string and flush toilet to empty remaining water

  2. Crockski said :

    Just use a piece of string to tie up the float to stop the cistern refilling. Failing that, its down to turning off the mains at the stoptap.

  3. G said :

    Since it’s just until tomorrow, do this:

    Turn off the water to your toilet. (The knob should be underneath the cistern, on the pipe immediately coming out of the wall.) Flush it once more.

    Get a bucket and fill it up in the bathtub each time you need to flush until you get the problem fixed tomorrow. Just dump water in the bowl to clear it out each time you use the toilet.

    Good luck.

  4. tony testa said :

    Turn off at the stop tap. Flush the loo. If it’s fed from the cold water storage in the loft it’ll continue to fill so turn on all the cold taps in the house and leave ’em on till they run dry. Not a cure just an emergency procedure to stem the flow.
    All the answers telling you to tie up the ball valve are incorrect, if the leak is from the feed to the cistern. It will not stop that. Do as I say and you’ll be ok.

  5. sbeastx said :

    Flush the toilet so the cistern becomes empty, then tie the ball-cock in the up position with a piece of sting attached to a piece of wood which is then placed acrooss the top of the cistern. With the ball-cock in the up position, water will not refill the cistern. No water, no leak. Guareented to work!

  6. jonnyguitar said :

    No Problem take the lid off your systern, flush your toilet, then lift the ball cock up by doing this you will shut off the valve and stop the water from entering the systern, you will have to tie up the ball cock with some string put something across the top of your systern like a coat hanger or something and tie the ballcock to that leave the bowl under the systern to collect the last couple of inches out of your systern and hey presto job done good luck regards jonny guitar

  7. Merovingian said :

    All answers telling you to hold up the ballc0ck after flushing are correct.

  8. jojo said :

    easy tie up the ballcock and flush the toilet good luck

  9. nosdda said :

    Tie up the ball valve and flush the toilet. Any water left in the cistern can be mopped out with a sponge. You will have to throw water down the toilet to get rid of any waste until the leak is fixed. If it is just a washer, you will need 15mm fibre washers.


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