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What do Yr 10’s make in Resistant Materials (wood work)??

i picked resistant materials for one of my year 10 class’s.

is it all the same all over the country or do different school make different things???

i made a game in year 7
a rocket in year 8
a clock in year 9

did you make the same??

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2 Responses to “What do Yr 10’s make in Resistant Materials (wood work)??”

  1. Clint said :

    which ‘country’? never heard of Yr 10-you mean 10 year olds or Primary 5?

  2. ●¢αѕѕιє● said :

    When I was in year 10 ( Not that long ago! )
    We made whatever we wanted, you get recommended to make a garden bench, set of draws, some people even made a rocking horse.
    Are you doing it for G.C.S.E ?
    If so then you will have a guided choice, a list of a few things you can make and you make it during the year, you spend a few hours designing it, and have a bit of coursework to go with it, then you start making it when you’re ready.
    I did something similar to what you did
    Year 7 : A marble game.
    Year 8 : A moving toy car
    Year 9 : A clock.
    Good Luck!


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