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What is a 6-inch rule ?

A 6-inch rule is a pocket size measuring stick and very useful for those working in precise manufacturing. A 6-inch rule has standard incremental markings like its bigger counter part, the yardstick that lacks the necessary markings for measurements. A 6-inch rule also has metric marks for measuring to the other side.

The marks on a Standard English rules are often shown in full inches half, quarters, eighths and sixteenths. Usually, the increment line marks are well known for inches. Some rules displays as small as sixty-fourths. In a 6-inch rule, these divisions are barely visible, and often displayed on the opposite side.

There are 6-inch rules that give special features for a specific application. A hobbyists’ 6-inch rule are much thicker and wider that allows templates to be cut in the middle without compromising sturdiness. Another is the 6-inch rule in a sewing gauge. Made from plastic or metal, a sewing gauge normally has a marker, sliding up and down the center. Normally one edge has markings in inches and the other has centimeters. A 6-inch rule will come in handy for seam measurements, hem depths, pleats and tucks.

If precise measurement is critical, a quality engineer’s steel rule may come in handy, not only for woodworking, it is also considered as an important tool in any metal works as well as jewelry markings. Longer rules may be unwieldy for this kind of project. Comparable to all precision tools, 6-inch rules needs careful handling. If a 6-inch rule have damaged edges inaccuracies in measurements may result.

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