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What is a safe way to remove gloss paint?

I want to strip some wood work but I think that some of the gloss on it may contain lead.
Can anyone tell me a safe way to do this please?

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12 Responses to “What is a safe way to remove gloss paint?”

  1. tiger said :

    just use a good paint stripper !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. cap3856 said :

    check yellow pages for local sandblaster

  3. bush_is_an_idot said :

    There isn’t any way to remove it safely.

  4. thetexaspsycho2003 said :

    Paint stripper, a paint scrapper, sandpaper and A MASK.

  5. terranno said :

    Do you have to remove or can,t you paint over it .If not just get some paint stripper

  6. cristanine said :

    I have seen some great wood work done on removing paint from doors and window seals. If you take your time and use gloves and put a mask on to protect yourself you can use a paint remover gel and strip it away.
    Get a dremel tool and grind on the tight spots.
    If you do it right, you can make your wood look brand new. test your skills and go to work and if you fail, buy a new wood:)

  7. Harold S said :

    From the website listed below…

    Safety rules for removing lead-based paint

    Protect Your Family:
    Women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant should try to avoid exposure to lead. If your home is going to be significantly contaminated with lead dust during renovations, you should consider moving pre-school children and pregnant women elsewhere until the work is done.

    Protect Yourself:
    Wear appropriate protective clothing such as coveralls, goggles, gloves, and most importantly, a NIOSH (U.S. National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) approved respirator for dust, mist, and fumes to reduce the possible intake of lead dust. Consult your local safety equipment dealer. Don’t eat, drink, or smoke in an area where paint is being removed.

    Prepare the Area:
    Remove drapes, rugs, and furniture from the area. Cover the objects that can’t be moved, including the floor, with heavy plastic. Seal heating vents used for both supply and return. Protect the entrance to the working area with plastic to contain dust. Use a water spray with a small amount of detergent to wet all surfaces and to contain any dust during renovations or cleanup. If working outdoors, use drop sheets to catch any paint scrapings, and don’t work on windy days.

    Make sure children and pets are not in the area. Cover windows and doors with plastic to keep scrapings and dust out of the house.

    Use Safe Stripping Techniques:
    Use techniques that don’t disperse lead dust or fumes. Chemical stripping produces the least amount of lead dust. As chemical stripping agents also contain potentially harmful substances, they must be used with care. Mechanical removal through sanding or grinding produces more lead dust.

    Don’t Spread the Dust Around:
    Remove protective clothing and footwear whenever you leave the work area. Wash work clothes separately from other laundry, or discard them when you’re finished.

    Do a Daily Cleanup:
    At the end of each day, wetting the dust and wet-wiping will help cleanup and prevent the dispersion of dust. Put all waste in a secure container or sealed plastic bag. Wash your hands and face once your work is done and before entering a clean area.

    Do a Final Cleanup:
    Wait at least one day after completing work to let any dust settle, then do a final cleanup. Wet wipe all surfaces, and dispose of any plastic enclosures to avoid generating dust. Place in a sealed plastic bag.

  8. [email protected] said :

    Nitromors, if you can still get it.

  9. Eric C said :


  10. tabbyfur said :

    I used a heat gun and wore a protective mask. My wooden stairs had so many layers of paint (going back to the Victorian times) and there had to of been lead paint used over the years.

  11. JD417 said :

    have it dipped

  12. Matt B said :

    i would also recommend Nitromors, you CAN still get this and the new formula makes it kind to wood.

    do not brush it on though, its a dab and remove stripper, otherwise lines may appear, its dead easy though.


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