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What is knotty pine ?

Knotty pine is a type of lumber commonly used for house constructions with country accents or western theme. It is very unique because of its large defects or knots that gives striking pattern when use in walls, cabinets or flooring. Most of pinewood also has scent that most consumers find pleasing. You can buy knotty pine in wide range of forms, ranging from groove pieces for wall panel to decorative beams and columns.

Due to the softness of knotty pine, it is not commonly use for structural application, and the knots may break, split or bow. However, for decorative purposes, knotty pine is the best type of wood to use. Particularly, knotty pine is popular in cabins, and many artificial wood manufacturer copy the distinct look of knotty pine.

There are about a hundred kind of pine worldwide. pine trees are evergreen conifers, and extremely resinous that gives them their distinct odor. The juice can be process into turpentine and other products, and the sap it very hard to remove from clothing or hair, so most of the pines used are aged.

Most species of pine have needle-like green leaves and graying, scaly bark. As it age, they grow upwards as well as outwards, finally subsuming branches on its trunks forming the knots. The area scarred around the knots is useless for structural application. However, the nonfunctional wood has its decorative properties.

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