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What is the latest legal time that you are allowed to do DIY until?

My cousin has moved in to a new house and the chav downstairs keeps complaining about him doing small DIY jobs until 8:00pm. What is the latest time you are allowed to do DIY until ?

Thanks x

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5 Responses to “What is the latest legal time that you are allowed to do DIY until?”

  1. Pkr said :

    You can do DIY anytime you want, the issue is not him doing DIY it is the noise, your neighbour can complain to the local council if your cousin is causing noise nuisance it doesn’t matter what time it is.

  2. therry.hatchet said :

    he should do some DIY on the chavs; maybe drill a hole in their heads with an electric drill or hit em with a hammer and tell em to deal with it. Chavs seem to think its ok p1ss1ng everyone else off but when you annoy them they dont like it atall.

  3. EMILY'S SPIRIT said :

    It’s the noise that’s the problem not the DIY. If at 8pm there’s drills going off and hammering etc. I think it’s time for a break…….even if the chav downstairs is wide awake drinking anyway.

  4. peanutbrain said :

    Check with the local council. They will have an ordinance given times allowed. Then follow the time limits and tell neighbor to get knotted.

  5. Rachel Lee said :

    As I recall 8 pm is about the norm (usa) unless covenants say otherwise.For me noise would be a big issue,there are such things as respect for your neighbors.He should be planning his activities as to tone things down after say 6 pm.

    My Best


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