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What is the safest way to dispose of paint which has been taken off with Nitromorse?

I have some paint to take off a door frame, and want to use nitromorse, but I know it’s pretty nasty stuff. what should I do with the painty sludge that comes off the wood work?

Oh, and does nitromorse work on metal radiators and/or brickwork?

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3 Responses to “What is the safest way to dispose of paint which has been taken off with Nitromorse?”

  1. mark h said :

    Their website said very little on disposal and it just stated the multipurpose paint and varnish will work on bare metal and masonry.I know im my area if its latex paint once,it is dryed out they will pick it up.Or contact your local waste management service or whom ever deals with trash disposal.Good Luck

  2. crazeygrazey said :

    Put it in an old paint tin, cover it with some water and take it to the council dump paint section.

    Beware of any rags soaked and then dried with Nitromors. They can combust spontaneously.

    Works on almost any surface. Read the tin.

  3. The Tank said :

    Your local dump (Recycling Centre, Civic Amenity Site) will have a special safe place for disposal of that sort of waste.
    Put it in a paint tin and take it along.

    Nitomors works on cold metal, although I prefer to use a hot air paint stripper and wooden scraper (so it doesn’t scratch). Haven’t tried it on bricks. Good luck.


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