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what is your biggest DIY disaster?

see we have just moved into a new house and the guy before us was one big major disaster… wait for it he even artexed the toilet systern and the pipes you scrape your knuckles everytime you flush the toilet… have you ever heard the likes?

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9 Responses to “what is your biggest DIY disaster?”

  1. stardustlost87 said :

    Ha ha, what an idiot. Well it wasn’t a big thing but it was kinda a disaster…my dad once put up 3 big shelves in my room when I was younger, he attached the bracket to the wall and then just laid the shelf planks on top, saying he would screw them to the bracket the next day. So I went and put loads of stuff on the shelves, and just as I was reaching up to the top shelf to take something off it fell down, then obviously the 2 underneath it fell down too. So I ended up lying on the floor with 3 massive planks on top of me, not to mention everything that was on the shelves!

  2. Rob M said :

    worked with a guy who managed to nail his own hand to the floor. Was so funny i almost wet my pants

  3. PIRANHA said :

    i’ve had a couple.putting up kitchen cupboards.decided to move bracket 5cm to the left.drilled into a plastic water pipe buried in the wall. got a face full of cold water.
    decided to replace lawn in back garden.hired a skip.i was making a ramp to get the wheelbarrow up.using hammer and nails to brace the ramp.hit my left thumb full force with the hammer and split my thumb open

  4. ● ¢αѕѕιє ● said :

    Well, my boyfriend has had quite a few.
    One of them being when he decided to be smart and try to put together a metal shed on his own – when the instructions said it needed at least 6 people, I told him we could get my 2 brothers and uncles to come and help, but no, my boyfriend insisted it only took one.
    Half way through, with me extremely anxious watching the TV ( he didn’t want me watching ) I heard a very loud crash, I ran outside to check everything was ok and there I saw a load of metal literally all over the garden, I wondered where my boyfriend was so I went round the side of the house and saw him drinking a beer! He realised 5 minutes before that the ”shed” he ”assembled” was going to collapse so he decided to have a beer and watch it happen – Cheek of it all he said to me that he told me it needed more hands than his, then he said I should of let him bring his mates to help him! Men eh!

  5. jen said :

    I tried to replace the guts in my toilet one time because it was running constantly. When I was finished, I put a coffee can under the water hose over night to make sure it didn’t leak, and it was dry when I got up the next morning, so I left for work.

    At l0 am my son called me and said the bathroom, hallway, and 3 bed rooms were flooded….

    After 3 hours of my husband and I taking turns with the shop vac, we had to call my brother who cleans carpets to come do an emergency extraction. The carpet had to be pulled back for 3 days for turbo fans to dry out the padding.

    Moral: Do not use a wrench when the instructions say to finger tighten.

  6. Rocka said :

    probably remodeling my room , well first I had to tear off this ugly wall paper near the cealing then I had to paint the walls , buy new bedding , buy a new desk , paint the desk, paint the night stand
    buy a lamp, put lamp on top of night stand…..(this story is a long one so I’ll just end it here:-))

  7. peachie said :

    I measured the wall space for our cabinets and was off by an inch… so the cabinet was going to to stick into the opening into to the living room. Luckly the space was wide enough that we were able to narrow up the door by an 1.5 inches and all is well now, but at the time I thought my husband was going to kill me.

  8. dreynolds699 said :

    while putting down new insulation in my attic crawl space i steped thru the ceiling into the living room oh what a big hole I was left with to patch up so far that is the worst for me knock on wood…lol

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