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What type of wood floor should i go for?

Over the last couple of days I’ve had a few builders round to discuss work that needs doing in a small hallway area at home.
As it is a busy area i’m going to need advice on not only something that will look nice (not cheap) but something that will be durable.
I wanted to go with oak floor but its too soft and would get marked.
I’ve just seen some brazilian cherry wood and like it, just need to find some places that sell it in the uk?
where could i shop?

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9 Responses to “What type of wood floor should i go for?”

  1. jacobachristopher said :

    Depends on what grain you like. We have Brazillian Cherry, and it holds up great with two dogs and three kids. I have also had good luck with Oak and Bamboo, but buy prefinished flooring, the finish on it is baked on and is MUCH harder than anything you can put on yourself.

  2. tizhimi said :

    wood block.

    Its not cheap and needs polishing every 5-7 years. It is very hard wearing and looks brilliant. It is fairly warm on the foot and if your put under floor heating in it would work very well.

    I had wood block in my old house in the open plan living room/ kitchen/hall way and it cleaned up very very well.

  3. dilbert said :

    Since your said Wood Im assuming that you have wood elsewhere in the house and this floor will be done to match or coordinate with that?
    Hallways are usually seen from other rooms so what u use matters.
    Just be sure it is consistent in color with the other floor materials in the house. Real wood with a permeated finish is beautiful and durable you can install an inexpensive carpet runner, in berber or a pattern to suit your style. Dont go laminate, they are very slippery and noisy and funky llooking now matter what they may tell you!

  4. t25xanne said :

    get a good semi wooden floor (a good lamanated floor) a real wooden floor marks to easly and not good if raining outside and people walking in on it all the time and no good if u hav kids as like i said befor it marks to easy

  5. riga mortice said :

    Don’t get a wood floor, they are rubbish and you will regret it

  6. charterman said :

    Parquet wood flooring is very good, hard wearing and looks very stylish.

    It can cost about £35 a square meter which is about the same as good quality carpet. At this price you are looking at buying from an reclamation yard. Having it laid will cost extra, but it is worth it. Adds a lot of value to the house as well.

  7. ladyrulz said :

    Don’t rule out porcelain tile that is made to look like wood. If installed properly, it will last for many years. Porcelain is the most durable product out there. You will need tile backerboard if you are not installing on a slab sub-floor (unless you already have a double layer plywood sub-floor).

  8. freebienutter said :

    If you go to you can buy the flooring and accessories there, you can also get any items for wooden floors at carpetwise and DIY stores.
    I have had laminate flooring, which chipped quite easily although was easy to clean. I have hard wooden floors which I love. easy to clean, quite expensive though and you do get a bit of warping when they first go in.
    Now I have bamboo flooring in the kitchen and bathroom, it is the same price as hard wooden floors but it is more breathable and handles condensation and any accidents better than hard wooden floors.
    My brother in law has ceramic tiles and although it looks nice it feels cold under foot as he never put under floor heating in.
    Good luck in finding what you want.

  9. I got wood said :

    The Brinell hardness scale (impact test) rates Jabota as the toughest (7.0 – 7.7) and having installed a few I can back that up it recks saw blades, after that I’d say Merbau (4.1 – 4.9). Oak has a rating of 2.9 – 3.7 so jabota is a lot better


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