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What would be a good range of tools which a person should keep in tool bag for general home DIY ?

I came to my tool bag today and found I didn’t even have a pair of pliers, which I realised would be useful for the job at hand.

Did a search and theres loads of different types of pliers, from combination pliers / diagnol side / longnose / circlip… its confusing.

And I think there’s probably loads of standard tools which should have in toolbag – but only ever find out I could use it when I need them.

Fortunately I had a full set of torx bits when needed them recently. And please what’s the name of the device which you run across and area of the wall… and if it finds metal or live cables it will beep ? A 20 year old one which was given to me is broken and needs replacing – and these things are useful to avoid electrocution.


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8 Responses to “What would be a good range of tools which a person should keep in tool bag for general home DIY ?”

  1. val f1 nutter said :

    i think the gadget you describe is called a stud locator. describe it in any good diy store and they will find it for you.

    basic tool kit ideas
    selection of flat and cross head screw drivers
    pliers, both snub and longnose
    claw hammer
    hack saw
    selection of screws and matching wall plugs
    selection of tacks and nails
    Stanley knife
    wallpaper scrapers
    mastick gun
    paint brushes
    tape measure
    electrical tape
    duct tape
    spirit level

    these are items i always always have in my house. if doing a specific job then you would buy tools for that job, ie paint rollers and tray etc. get decent quality too because they last longer.

  2. gabluesmanxlt said :

    Vise grips, for sure. Maybe big ones and little ones.
    (In addition to the nice list above)
    A crescent wrench (Adjustable open-end wrench)
    A pocket knife.
    A hammer.
    Putty knife.
    That thing is a stud finder, by the way. Stanley makes a nice one.

  3. peppersham said :

    hammer.pliers,staple gun duct tape,glue gun,screw drivers,tape measure,oh sorry you’re a guy you will need specilized tools for every job lol !

  4. [email protected] said :

    I recommend a small cordless driver drill set (12V), hammer, pliers (regular + needle nose), cigarette lighter, several screwdrivers, channel locks, crescent wrench, and most important: FLASHLIGHT.

    The device that ‘tones’ when it comes near hot electrical wires is sometimes referred to as a ‘ticker’ or voltage probe. I’m not a big fan of these as they are prone to false readings. I recommend buying a volt/ohm meter. You can get a good one for around $20 that will tell you for certain if a circuit is hot or not. Read the instructions before using.

    Depending on the projects you’re doing will determine what more, if any, tools you’ll need. Important note: don’t bite off more than you can chew. Contractors make it look easy because we’ve been doing it for years and (sic) have the aptitude for the project at hand. Know your limitations.

  5. fixitall said :

    I have found that it is best to keep your tool bag as simple as possible as when you put to many tools in it you spend more time trying to find the tool you need than it takes to complete most minor repairs.

    I keep a set of screw drivers, a combination wire stripper, cutter and crimper, a hammer, a 6 inch and 8 inch crescent wrench, small multimeter, needle nose pliers,a plastic organizer with wire connectors, screws and nails, a pair of channel lock pliers, tape measure, electrical tape, Teflon tape and my favorite tool I carry is my Black and Decker auto leveling laser level with a stud finder and electrical cable sensor built in.

    I keep a large tool box in the garage with my other tools that I don’t use as often.

  6. Sugar PIe said :

    Screwdrivers: Flat and Phillips
    adjustable Allen wrench
    hammer w/ nail remover
    needle-nose pliers
    vice-grip pliers
    measuring tape (25′ or longer)
    razor knife w/ snip-off blades
    small chisel
    small crowbar

    That’s what I have in the bottom drawer of my kitchen!

  7. Joseph C said :

    A standard socket set , hammer, screwdrivers, and adjustable pliers.

  8. Robin C said :

    Go to B&Q you can buy a tool kit for household use


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