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What’s the best DIY glass cutter?

I’ve tried glass cutting tools from DIY shops with little or no success. Is there a good brand or some magic technique to using them? I just need to replace the glass on some small picture frames from a large sheet of window glass I have.

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6 Responses to “What’s the best DIY glass cutter?”

  1. Jack the Toad said :

    right here

  2. stitched up said :

    Window glass is usually 4mm and picture glass is usually 2mm, check the glass is not too thick first, a wheel cutter should be dipped in oil before and after use, the method is to score the glass it’s complete length, tap the edge where the cut is, put a thin straight edge under the glass along the score line and it will break over the score, you cannot cut a piece out of glass, it has to be cut it’s entire length or width.

  3. James M said :

    Dont be fooled by the cutters you can buy at Lowes or the Home Depot. Those are junk and wont work well at all.

    If you buy a $20 cutter at a glass supply house you will have the ability to cut glass perfectly every time. The supply house im refering to is one that supplies colored glass, ie church type glass for hobby and for commercial.

  4. cheezy said :

    dip your glass cutter in oil before you score the glass.

  5. Badds said :

    Toyo glass cutters are one of the best you can get,but if you only have to cut a small amount of glass then I would take the glass to a glass shop and get them to cut it for you.

  6. Mighty Mouse said :

    Toyo is what I have cost about £18 and is brilliant. Picture glass is 3mm and if you went to your local glazier they’ll supply, say, 4 number foot square pieces for about a fiver. Maybe just do that.

    Otherwise, hold your cutter, having dipped it in oil (oh and check the wheel actually turns and that it isn’t nicked or such), perpendicular to glass, i.e. upright, and pull across glass with a constant and even medium pressure. (it will give a nice satisfying constant sound). Tap along score line from beneath with ball end of cutter as suggested above and presto, the glass breaks neatly. Careful not to cut yourself now, and Good luck


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