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What’s the best type of broom to use to sweep up dogs hairs from hard wood flooring?

Sensible answers only please.
Soft bristle brooms don’t work

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18 Responses to “What’s the best type of broom to use to sweep up dogs hairs from hard wood flooring?”

  1. lisa said :

    if your not having much luck with a soft bristle, try a hard one. a damp cloth should also do the trick

  2. pinkribbon said :

    The static cloths are good, I use them to pick up my dogs fur.A slightly damp mop works too.

  3. richard_beckham2001 said :

    Have you seen these ones that advertise from jml.

  4. avalon said :

    A broom with rubber bristles will do the trick. It creates static that picks up the hairs and the bristles are pliable enough to bend into corners where hair may tend to accumulate.

  5. Bossoli said :

    Not a broom.

    You may want to use a Swiffer Wet Jet or a damp mop. The best way to collect dog hair is to use something damp, as the hair will stick to it and not just fly around. Depending on how much hair there is, you may have to clean off the head of the mop frequently so it can collect more.

  6. Alyssa said :

    They have rubber-bristled brooms especially for hair, they work great.

    I think you can find them in most Walmart type stores, or maybe like Linens & Things or Bed Bath & Beyond? They’re not that hard to find if you look around.

  7. [email protected] said :

    I use a broom that has plastic bristles plus I mop with Murphy’s oil to keep it easier to come up with the broom! works good for me!!!! Good luck!!!!

  8. rivendellrose2005 said :

    Swiffer cloths do a good job getting the cat hair off my tile floors – not the wet ones, just the dry. They have a swiffer mop that you can attach the dry cloth to so you don’t have to bend over. Also, depending on what vacuum you own, you could try that – set it on it’s lowest setting (furthest away from shag carpet) if you have the option, and just take it into the room with the hardwood floor. If you can get it into a pile first that’s even better, then you can just suck up the hair with the vacuum hose. Good luck!

  9. puppyluv said :

    Just buy a vacuum. They make them for hardwood floors too. It just sucks it up.

  10. Cookie On My Mind said :

    First use a Swiffer Broom – the dry one – to go over to pick up hairs.
    Then use a Swiffer Wet Jet For Wood Floors to go over the floor and this will pick up any tougher hairs and clean your floor at the same time.
    These work great in combination! Using one alone is okay, but doesn’t do a good enough job.

  11. kathleenwanabee said :


  12. Catlover said :

    I use a swiffer. They’re fast and easy but in a pinch, you can even use a damp paper towel. Anything damp will pick the hair right up.

  13. nicolemcg said :

    The swiffer is really good for this.

    Also, soft fabric on a wide mop (they sell them as Cuban mops sometimes) work really well.

    Good luck.

  14. jackie.mackay said :

    theres one i use its not like a mop or broom its got a flat interchangeable soft cloth head you can get it from JML so pound stretcher ,Woolworth’s TJ Hughes its great

  15. Weetie said :

    A Stanley Dust Mop works great!

  16. justaskin said :

    well a hoover works quite good you can use an attachment so as no to damage the floor….or you can you a static broom those work well too. I have a dog and the hair seems never ending even if you hoover and and sweep everyday. good luck

  17. SALLY S said :

    i use s swiffer on my wooden floor. you can get moist wooden floor cleaner cloths to attach to them. gets the hair up and give the floor a polish at the same time. x

  18. The-she said :

    i have found the hoover works best


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