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where can i get a DIY teeth whitening kit from in the uk?

Im only a student, and i dont have alot of money to spend, so i cant afford to get my teeth professionally whitened.
but recently i saw a girl painting her teeth with this special kit which whitened them. and i was wondering where you can get home kits for teeth whitening in UK stores?

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11 Responses to “where can i get a DIY teeth whitening kit from in the uk?”

  1. Katie P said :

    boots or superdrug

  2. fluffybunny said :

    Boots do a whole range of them…think Wilkinson’s also do a few & will be a bit cheaper.

  3. Viper said :

    Crest Whitestrips are supposed to work really well. Available on eBay

  4. Mimi said :

    Boots do one for £30 but it’s rubbish, well it didn’t make any difference when I used it. You really should wait and try to save up to get it done by a pro rather than waste money on a home one that won’t work.

  5. RONA L said :


  6. SillySerena said :

    my mum get her’s at boots at her teath look great

  7. mrshhislop said :

    Boots have a lot of kits which you could buy but start 1st with the toothpaste you use and I know it might be a bit insulting but making sure you brush really regularly will help also.

  8. Lucretia said :

    I saw some in boots but it was about £27…and u have to be really careful, because i wanted to do mine but my mum read in an article that it can damage the enamal on your teeth…id say go to the dentist and ask them what would be the best home-kit, as you say ur a student and cant afford thousands on getting it done pro!

  9. millie4mb said :

    i saw one in ASDA the other day, but you can also get them in most pharmacy’s

  10. burntumber said :

    “White Again Teeth Whitening Gel” are pretty good. Though I think they only sell on the internet and at stalls at special functions. Here’s the site:
    If you want to stick to stores Boots and Superdrug have them. Your best bet would be “Pearl Whites”. Best of luck!

  11. Mike said : ships overseas and they have great prices.


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