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where can I get a poster print of The midnight ride of Paul Revere by Grant Wood?

I have checked loads of sites, other work by Wood is available but not this particular picture.

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10 Responses to “where can I get a poster print of The midnight ride of Paul Revere by Grant Wood?”

  1. geebob358 said :

    hello i stumbled upon your query
    and i could not find a place either but i did find a jpeg
    which i enlarged onto an a4 and printed it out
    it came out really well and my printer is quite old
    i looked up your profile but you don’t receive email
    i know this may sound silly to you but i if you have a printer you can do this yourself or i could send you the a4 print at no cost to you, then you could get it framed.
    i don’t know if i am being too forward but is that any good to you.
    you can email me if you want i am at computer now.

  2. Sharon said :

    I have a framed print that I would be willing to sell if you are interested.

  3. heidi said :

    sheron, did the person ever respond? are you still selling?

  4. Batman said :

    There are several places. The prints I’ve found are fairly expensive though:

    If you’re feeling ambitious you can attempt this version:

  5. Rhoda said :

    Contact the VAGA rights folks and let them know you’re intererested in prints. That’s actually how I got mine years ago. They did a run through the Met (which holds the original piece, and of course has an online museum store).

  6. Rhoda said :

    Website with contact info here:

  7. Rhoda said :

    Contact info here:

  8. Rhodaalso said :

    Let’s see if this works, it won’t let me add a comment now that I’ve posted once…

    Here’s the website for VAGA:

  9. Lance said :

    My wife has a framed print, 20×28, that she wil sell. If you are interested, we can send photos, etc.

  10. ray said :

    i have a vintage print midnight ride of paul revere printed 1971 for sale i have 4 of these reply if interested


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