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where do i stand on a complaint against a diy retail store?

I recently went in to a diy store and seen a shed reduced and wanted to buy. We went home and phoned the store and asked to reserve the shed and i would collect the next day and i gave them my phone number. The next day i hired a van went to collect the shed on arriving at the store i was told they had sold it. Now i complained to the head office who said there was nothing i could do the store even had my phone number so they could of even phoned to tell me. What could i do.

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7 Responses to “where do i stand on a complaint against a diy retail store?”

  1. rob g said :

    unless you put a deposit down, you snooze, you looze, sorry, better luck next time – you’ll probably find a better one for cheaper now.

  2. Dom said :

    As long as their isn’t anything in writing, unfortunately there isn’t much you can do. Most people who “reserve” items never actually come back to collect them, so it is probable that the salesperson to whom you talked didn’t even bother actually reserving the item.
    Next time, pay a deposit and get a receipt.
    That being said, if you take the van rental receipt to them and argue your case, they might make a goodwill gesture and give you a small voucher or a discount on your next purchase. Worth a try.

  3. tex k said :

    unless you pay for goods the store can sell to whoever they like .I don’t understand if you were in the store why did you not buy it there and then instead of going home and ringing the store.Surely the delivery charge by the store is cheaper than hiring a van of your own.Until you pay for goods they remain the stores and you have no legal standing .So you can do nothing except not shop their again

  4. Bilbo said :

    Ownership of the goods is with the store. Clearly they have breached a goodwill gesture to you in this regard, but without some sort of deposit you are at their mercy. Always worthwhile to phone ahead and check before engaging transport. Put it down to experience.

  5. Nick C said :

    Write to the customer services at the stores head office detailing exactly what your complaint is, why you consider them to blame and how much you are out of pocket. Dealing with Head office usually gets better results than dealing with the store where your complaint originated. Keep a copy of all your communications.

  6. Gorkbark Porkduke Gefunken Fubar said :

    If you did not put a deposit on the shed you are out of luck. Whoever came first with the money got it.

    You really should file a complaint against yourself for failing to leave a deposit.

  7. Sophie B said :

    first rule of buying things on clearance, is buy it when you see it.. it won’t be there when you get back….

  8. GS test demo said :

    where do i stand on a complaint against a diy retail store?


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