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Where to buy real wood flooring that has been discontinued from major DIY store?

I need to purchase 2 packs of natural beech real wood flooring. The goods were sold in B & Q at the beginning of this year but are now discontinued.

Anyone know where i might be able to get them from? Ebay no good.

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5 Responses to “Where to buy real wood flooring that has been discontinued from major DIY store?”

  1. Matt said :

    You could try your local builders yard they tend to have alot of stuff like that, as people go there when they are doing up property and want to find something that matches to what is already there.

  2. Jobylee said :

    we got our wooden floor from Rapid (Liverpool). Really expensive, but it is nice. I’m sure they deliver too. Tel: 708 2000

  3. noskwik said :

  4. xenon said :

    B & Q may not have them in their local store, but by being nice to them they can phone on internal network, other B & Q stores who may in fact have them.. You must be prepared for a drive however.
    I was looking for a discontinued colour & texture of a certain paint, they phoned around and one of their other stores kept it for me , I had to drive 20 miles to get it.
    If it becomes absolutely impossible to match, you can try contrasting it with a darker wood, perhaps a pattern can be incorporated..

  5. Matt B said :

    Someone didnt buy the correct amount did they, how often do I hear that working at B&Q,

    I would say try and ask the store to check the interweb for stock levels throughout the region, if that fails, ask nicely for the supplier number to find out if they still supply to other shops.


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