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Which DIY store sell the best quality laminate flooring?

There seems a bewildering range of stores selling laminates. Which sell the best quality or are they all the same?

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6 Responses to “Which DIY store sell the best quality laminate flooring?”

  1. Elise said :

    B&Q the best ones ever!!!

  2. Kathy S said :

    B&Q are great, check out Ikea also.

  3. RAVEN said :

    as much as I HATE HATE HATE to say this

    when i wanted mine, i looked EVERYWHERE, and the best one i found, in terms of quality and price, was, Ikea

    i HATE HATE HATE Ikea with a passion, but, my flooring is awesome! and was so reasonable in price

  4. Cala B said :

    The quality is more or less the same at any good diy store or flooring specialist. We use B&Q a lot because they have a good range. All laminates come with a “wear rating” to show which areas in the home they are most suitable for. Make sure you get the right rating for what you need – go up a rate rather than down a rate. Once you have purchased your laminate, open the packs and put the flooring in the room that it is to be used in – leave it there for at least 3/4 days to get it “acclimatised” to that room before fitting. After fitting, try to keep the room temperature stable for another 3/4 days.

  5. tex k said :

    they are pretty much the same but as a rule of thumb the thicker the layer of laminate of the finish you want the better the quality of the product .this also allows the floor to be sanded and refinished when it gets badly scratched and scuffed

  6. rlbendele1 said :

    I think you will get the best laminate at a flooring store. You can talk to a sales person that is trained in the product and get the best advise. You are correct there are LOTS of “best” quality laminate made today and a lot of cheap stuff also. It seems most manufactures make both low quality and best quality. You need the trained sales person to help you find the correct floor. The best manufacture today is Mannington, for made in the U S A quality.


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