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Why is my wood burner giving off fumes? How to stop it?

So about 18 months ago I installed an enclosed wood burner into my living room. Its been working fine, but recently its started giving off more fumes, I have bought a carbon monoxide detector and its stafe to say theres non of that, but its just unpleasant!

I had the chimney checked, its not blocked and I had it sweeped to make sure.

Any ideas why it could be suddenly giving off more fumes?
And how can i stop it??

Thank You

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6 Responses to “Why is my wood burner giving off fumes? How to stop it?”

  1. cdpaso said :

    Have you got the flue open, it sounds like that it needs more air. A partial shut flue can cause smoke and fumes.

  2. GeeCee said :

    It may be that it needs more exhaust air, also some timbers give off more smoke than others.

  3. b said :

    Have you recently changed brand of material you are burning, or the storage of i, has it changed?

  4. Foobix said :

    First thing to check is the wood.Make sure it is seasoned properly.Damp wood will give of lots of smoke which will also leave a tarry residue on the inside of the stove and chimney.Having the flue swept will not remove this tar as it sticks like glue.It would also reduce the diameter of the chimney which in turn will affect the efficiency of the appliance.

  5. PETER R said :

    I presume you have have cleaned the ash pit as this is also the air intake area, blocked vents will give you incomplete combustion (it would help if you said where the fumes were coming from)

  6. erskine said :

    Hi Luckymad
    I also have a wood burning stove – aren’t they great!
    You have to ensure that the logs are fully seasoned, i.e. dried out. It can take up to twelve months for some trees but it really is essential or you could get a build up in your chimney.
    Good luck and best wishes.


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