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work dirt bikes wood work?

Ok i have been offered a apprenticeship about a year ago and im due to start it this september but 1 i cant really work with the person that employs me because hes so up and down with his mood and i get well not the best of jobs. I have been thinking really hard and i have all ways enjoyed working with motocross bikes and my heart is really with them as i really like to ride and fix them, i have quite a big garage and 99% of the tools. Im thinking of getting a part time job in the local stores and not starting a Business up but that kind of thing with buying and selling motocross bikes along with repairing them and a possible night course for plumbing at my local college. BUT my family as in mum and dad are so against this but not giving there reasons on why they dislike the idear. I have bought, fixed and sold motocross bikes before and made quite good money from doing that.

Any suggestion’s on trying to persuade my folks that this is wear my heart is because it really is.

Many thanks

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3 Responses to “work dirt bikes wood work?”

  1. Stephen said :

    Have a long talk with them, with no raised voices.

    Tell them that it is what you want and you have a passion for it. & if they wanted the best for you they would let you do what you wish.

    Please don’t forget to use punctuation & correct grammar, it was hard to read.


  2. matt k said :

    yeah but the only problem is how often do they come along? i used to do that (but mainly with mopeds cus people pay more for them) but they don’t often come along and when you look on places like ebay people want stupid money for broken stuff. just giving my 2 pennies but good luck with it mate.

  3. Philip P said :

    you say you want to learn plumbing…
    How does that help buying and selling Motocross bikes?
    how come selling bikes is not a business?

    Your parents are not backing you as they are confused because you are!
    where is your cohesion!
    Now if you were going to college and learning about welding and motor vehicle repairs and doing finance studies for small business
    and then SAVING money by working in a MOTORBIKE STORE.
    they will then see that you are committed not only to learn but to turn it into a proper business plan


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