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Would Acrylic paints work directly on wood?

Acrylic paints, like whats used on canvases… would that work on wood? Or would it have to be undercoated/varnished etc?? Would it peel off??

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9 Responses to “Would Acrylic paints work directly on wood?”

  1. boshnpecs said :

    Wood needs primer first

  2. blue_eyesandy10 said :

    under coat then paint with acrylic paint but use acrylic under coat

  3. Rabidkittens said :

    Sand the wood down, primer it…then go nuts.

  4. Snow said :

    they should

  5. the kid said :

    Well ive been painting on wood covered with wall paint, with acrylics, and so far its worked fine.

  6. kirstinator93 said :

    I would put a base coat of gesso first. I don’t think it would peel if you didn’t put an under coat, but if it got wet, after time it would chip. You can also buy sprays to put on top when you are done, but if the item is left outside with the spray top-coat, it tends to yellow.

  7. hushcolours said :


    Acrylic paint has relative good adhesion properties on wood, but it’s better to use a primer, or gesso like you say in USA.
    Acrylic paint should be varnished, because it’s porous.
    Of course that people don’t varnish acrylic paint used in construction.

    Kind regards,


  8. SharedPalette said :

    The adhesion is Excellent. It’s good to prepare your surface for a variety of reasons. For wood, you can use an artist quality gesso or a base coat of Shellac-Base Primer-Sealer 😉

  9. Vickey Wesby said :

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