how much can i expecty to pay for?

a flat roof for my house, including all wood work and boards and felt? the house is 7metres by 8 metres wide,

also if there are any roofers out there, how much can i expect to pay for an apex roof to be put on this house? including trusses joists etc,

the reason i ask is because i am buying a house that has a flat roof and it leaks, so i have to think about the cost to either replace the flat roof or put an apex on,

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2 Responses to “how much can i expecty to pay for?”

  1. Aces'n'eights said:

    Firstly, I’d replace the flat with an apex, you can create a whole new liveable area to your house that way, (planning permisssion required)
    As to the cost, which country you’re in will dictate that.
    UK I’d guess at least 18000 to replace the entire roof with an apex, but I may be wrong.

  2. pete said:

    call a contractor and get an estimate- guessing at least $20,000 in us maybe more. can you do it yourself? save at least 1/2


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