What is the easiest small car to work on for the DIY home mechanic?

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5 Responses to “What is the easiest small car to work on for the DIY home mechanic?”

  1. Andrew B said:

    I would recommend a car with real wheel drive and a four or six cylinder engine. Small pickup trucks like a Ford Ranger or Mazda B series pickup trucks fit this bill.

  2. Mr. KnowItAll said:

    1968 VW bug.

  3. mdk68gto, ase certified m tech said:

    it all depends on your actual abilities. i can work just any car aside form some stuff on a diesel. if you are new or inexperienced, that is a serious limitation. in that situation i recommend one with a warranty and good service package.

  4. bandit_60 said:

    there,s no car easy to work on these days. if you want easy you better get back in the 60s and 70s like a car i had once, a 1968 dodge coronet or get into the 70s.

  5. lagarbo89fxrs said:

    I’d have to say a Volkswagon bug as well. I’ve pulled the engine in a bug in just under 45 minutes and seen guys do it in under a half hour. The brakes have a total of 2 hold downs and 2 springs. The hardest thing about them is removing the rear axle/drum nut. If your referring to front wheel drive imports I’d have to say an older honda civic is about the most mechanic friendly as well as a good car to do your first t-belt,clutch etc…But any older small rear wheel drive car/truck (toyota,datsun etc..) is also a good first time do it yourselfer vehicle. Good luck and hope this helps.


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