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Apart from FOCUS, which DIY stores give a discount to the over 60s?

FOCUS give 10% off on Tuesdays to the over 60s. Do any of you know of any others in Scotland who do this, such as Wickes, Homebase, etc.
B&Q don’t as I’ve already contacted them.

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10 Responses to “Apart from FOCUS, which DIY stores give a discount to the over 60s?”

  1. Spotlight said :

    Not many. I’ll wager. Focus, eh?- I’ll remember that when I’m over 60.

  2. KAZ said :

    B&Q do on wednesdays,contact them again.
    well they do in scotland.

  3. GEOFF W said :

    i think b+q

  4. saffysmum said :

    Some B&Q stores do a diamond club card for over 60’s (must shop on Wednesday at our local store)
    Homebase don’t as they regularly have 10% days for all customers.

  5. vegasqueen1970 said :

    B&Q gives discount to over 60s on a Wednesday here in Guernsey – my mum goes all the time. Ask them again.

  6. aitchy said :

    I`ve found B&Q to be cheaper than Focus anyway

  7. Peter P said :

    B&Q on a Wednesday give 10%. Apply for their DIAMOND card. It is specifically for over sixties. Homebase do not cater for their older customers but stress they have a card that gives a discount via the Spend and Save card.

  8. dezchamp said :

    hmm it wouldn’t surprise me to hear B&Q have stopped doing it, but they definately did once upon a time as mentioned above, how dissapointing, hope they’ve got it started again in 29yrs when i’m looking for the discount.

    Not sure about the others but if i’m in homebase i’ll ask;)

  9. richard_beckham2001 said :

    B&Q do every day of the week in england.

  10. Curtis said :

    Actually, the Focus over 60s discount is every day now, at most (if not all) stores.


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