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DIY how do i wallpaper behind a radiator without removing the pipes?

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10 Responses to “DIY how do i wallpaper behind a radiator without removing the pipes?”

  1. steven e said :

    loosen the rad pipe ,allowing the rad to rest on to the floor,

  2. ferret said :

    with plenty of paste on the paper drop it down behind the rad and use a rad roller to flatten the paper you may need to pull it up again to cut around the brackets

  3. alex said :

    Hi Mate, Im a Wallpaper specialist, can you give me a little more info and i can give u professional help, what type of rad, what type of paper, is it paste the wall or paste the paper, is the paper to be painted or left, what type of paste are you using, what tools do you have to hand, more info and i can help

  4. piggy said :

    uncap each end with spanner,then take off radiator ,unscrew the brackets and put in match sticks so you know where the holes are,then paper.
    put back the brackets,slide on the radiator,then screw the pipes back on with a spanner.wrap tissue to make sure they are not leaking.
    papering properly will ensure a better finish as trying to paper without removal can make paper bubble up as radiators are on warm….well worth the effort!

  5. golden said :

    turn off both rad valves either side of rad loosen very slightly where it bolts on to rad lift rad off hangers tilt forward onto floor and tighten up reverse to replace keep towels handy just in case of drips if it’s a large radiator you may need help to lift

  6. lushlips32 said :

    alex lol you talk bo**ox…just put loads of paste on the bottom and then get a really long roller…and there you have it!

  7. petethen2 said :

    Get one of those real small diameter paint rollers about 3/4 in. Then lower the pasted paper in place carefuly and smooth with roller its not easy. Or remove the rad. Seems like thats the top answer maybe Im not understanding your question.

  8. telluwat said :

    get the wallpaper applicator that is on a long handle

    hang the paper from the top and get help with the paper on the bottom line it up and pull tight between both of you. one pulling down you pulling up, this way there is no creases
    then when the paper is on the wall use the applicator to smooth is out.

  9. Dr. Wu said :

    I would first look to see if there is a metal plate attached to the wall behind the radiator. That is used to help reflect heat from the radiator back into the room.. If you have one I would suggest that you do not wallpaper it. The paper will reduce the heat reflecting and reduce the efficiency of the radiator.

    If not any of the suggestion already mentioned will work.

    Hope this helps

  10. Laurie said :

    If I am wallpapering..( I am a builder, Paint & decorator) I would remove the radiator and the brackets that hold it on the wall. It looks so much nicer to do it properly, and my customers always are very pleased


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