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DIY. How do you fit an outside letterbox cover to a hardwood door?

The letter box is already cut in the door but I don’t know how to fit the new brass cover with 2 bolts. The old one had outside screws on each side of the letterbox cover but this new one is a different style with no fixin on the outside that I can see.

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4 Responses to “DIY. How do you fit an outside letterbox cover to a hardwood door?”

  1. goldlust74 said :

    do you have instructions?

  2. bobweb said :

    If you knew the manufacturer of the new letterbox, you could go to their website and get an instruction sheet there or talk to their customer service department on the phone for help.

  3. JOHN said :

    Use ‘no nails’ if i where you. When it sets it will be fine.

  4. jayktee96 said :

    If its a brass one there are usually two tapped holes in the back of the plate, into which you screw two (usually M6) studs which you then pass through two drilled holes at each end of the slot in the door. You then fit nuts and washers, tighten it up and cut off the excess threads. Maybe you dont have the studding and nuts/washers. Any ironmongers or DIY shop should be able to help you.


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