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DIY Question: Please tell me a little bit more about ur skills and experience will a hardware company?

i want to go from asupermarket job to a DIY job. what can i write about the skills they would benefit from me?

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4 Responses to “DIY Question: Please tell me a little bit more about ur skills and experience will a hardware company?”

  1. Nutty Girl said :

    you know how to be helpfull and deal with customers ,
    what basic diy do you know that all counts i mean if you are a family man you can say you have decorated and maintained your house and know about paints tools etc.
    I got a job in a diy store because i had customer service skills .
    you know how a big store is run packing out ,helping other staff etc

  2. bleep said :

    ok its simple you buy a diy book from your local store, the more local to the area you will be working the better, pick simple tasks like changing a washer on a tap, picking the right tools to do a job, how to wire a plug or a fuse, how to unblock a drain, then you write a little about each and how you actually carried out such tasks, you can copy bits from the book no one will know.
    in doing so you will actually become familiar with the tasks even if you have never done them so you will also learn and be able to talk about them at the interview stage. I hope this helps,

    and good luck hope you get your job

  3. Steven W said :

    Certainly a job at an HD or Lowes is one of my fave thoughts for part time work, but I don’t have the time.

    Keep in mind all the skills you currently have, and take a look at those two company sites online. You’ll notice dozens of departments. Once hired you can certainly acquire more hands on knowledge about specifics.

    An even more important factor working a job like that, no matter ACE or Lowes, or Johns Hardware store in town, is knowing the inventory, and it’s location. EXAMPLE:

    I’m a customer. I happen upon you as I’m looking with that “WHERE IS IT???” stare. You direct me, because you’ve studied the “WHERE” of the stores inventory, and beyond that you don’t just say,,, or point to,,”Aisle 5″ You actually walk me to the location where 1/2 ” to 3/4″ inch threaded PVC 90 degree elbows are.

    My skills might relate very well to doing that, as yours might, but do your homework before applying. Know the company, know the particular store, be certain of what skills you do have and knowledge you can impart,,,without embellishing. There is very little I dislike less than getting wrong advice and having to make a return because of it.

    Rev. Steven

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