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DIY septum piercing – How to get it straight without using a clamp and without a piercing needle?

If all your going to say is ‘don’t do it’ i’ld rather you not. I know its not going to be ideal but this is how I’m choosing to go around getting my septum pierced!

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4 Responses to “DIY septum piercing – How to get it straight without using a clamp and without a piercing needle?”

  1. Lovespell said :

    Maybe your nose will fall out.
    No matter what, people will tell you DON’T DO IT! & If you had half a brain, you wouldn’t. Who’s there for sick people? Doctors. Who’s there to teach? Teachers. & For piercings, PROFESSIONAL PIERCERS. Not some stupid needle, or dirty kit. Your possibilites of getting an infection will be higher. & Septum’s don’t even look good, only for bulls!

  2. Inked said :

    That will not happen, just be smart and go to a professional piercer.

  3. Ciara said :

    My sister did hers and just held it. There’s no guarentee you’ll get it straight but that’s the risk you run. Not gunna tell you that it’ll be better if you get it done professionally because you alresdy know that.

  4. [email protected] said :

    Oh dear… I hope this goes alright for you! I guess if you mess it up, septum piercings are tucked away inside your nose and won’t leave a visible scar…

    I’d do it whilst looking down onto a mirror. that way you’ll be able to angle the mirror to see if it’s straight. Sterilize whatever needle you have (It should ideally be a piercing needle but you could use a long sewing needle too) by heating it in a flame til it glows white. Let it cool!!

    When you do your piercing, wear latex gloves to give you a better grip on both your nose and the needle.

    Please let us know how it goes, this sounds scary!
    Good luck.


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