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Do any high street or DIY stores stock tile transfers/stickers?

I am about to redecorate my bathroom and I want to cover plain white tiles with either coloured, mosaic or mirrored transfers. So far the only ones I can buy are on ebay and there isn’t a large range. Does anyone know any high street or DIY stores that stock them? Thanks.

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9 Responses to “Do any high street or DIY stores stock tile transfers/stickers?”

  1. tucksie said :

    B & Q and Home Base both stock them.

  2. Everona97 said :

    You can try the tiles shop itself. Italian stickers are very good: have them in the kitchen for 5 years. Looking goodt!

  3. FREDDIY said :

    I have bought some at B&Q last year. They are not easy to find in the displays and they are in the decorating section, not the tile section. They are easy to fit. Rather expensive if you intend covering every tile. Have you thought of trying Fablon? This comes in rolls in varying widths, colours and patterns. Just cut pieces to size, peel off the backing and apply to the tiles which must be dry and free from grease.

  4. alan c said :

    Try Homebase, B&Q, Focus & Wilkinsons

  5. jizzi said :

    Why not buy tile paint and paint your own, so much cheaper and nost tile stickers are shells and dolphins.

  6. REBECCA A said :

    B&Q, Wilkinsons and homebase. I did mine a while ago and to be honest with you your probably better off using proper tile paint, because cleaning products make them come off and you end up forever buying new ones!!!

  7. Sandee said :

    Try B & Q, Focus or Wilkinsons. I have seen tile transfers in all these stores

  8. Ana Bowlen said :

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