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HELP. i need my room to be more creative and i want to use DIY but i dont have any ideas? i have NO money!?

i have one or two ideas but they are nothing i really want to stick to. please somebody give me some ideas. as i say i have no money, so i want to do anything that will just make it look random and original and i am happy to be creative with it. answer soon please x
i dont want to paint.
i like the colour of my walls

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2 Responses to “HELP. i need my room to be more creative and i want to use DIY but i dont have any ideas? i have NO money!?”

  1. Raychel said :

    I suggest getting some cheap canvases and splash paint them. Have fun and just throw colors on it, kind of like a Picasso painting. Frame them and hang them up. Also, you can buy cheap white vases for a couple bucks, make sure their oddly shaped and light coloured. Paint them with fun colors, or glue some bright coloured tissue paper or sequence on them.
    Also if you’re like me you have an attic full of old crap. Just go up there find some old cool looking lamps or pottery items and funk them up with cool painting jobs or wrap bright coloured shawls around them. Also, garage sale shopping is super fun and they always have really cheap stuff that you can paint or something. Here’s a link to some really fun websites that shows you how to funk up your rooms.

  2. STEPHEN said :

    as a painter and decorator i lived and learned , you need money to reorganize, and its best to never ever have any ideas before you have the money, with it your ideas can become reality, without it they just disapear. and get replaced with another endless idea,
    i know , ive been there, hed millions of ideas but never money to make any of them your mnoney , buy a tin of paint, and look at a real idea come true and learn you made it happen yourself.


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