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How can I cane a chair ?

There are many wooden chairs made with cane. It is very easy to cane a chair and it is actually a basic knowledge in students learning furniture making. In the 1860s, chairs are usually sheet-caned or machine-woven canes that you can buy in sheets.

The first thing to remember in caning chairs is to determine what type of cane is needed. Other chairs are made with woven cane. It has small holes on the seat of the chair and the can is woven in and out. Make sure not to change a woven cane chair to a sheet can since the value and soundness of the chair can be damaged.

You can use some types of wood, rushes, leather and other strong and flexible material in caning chairs. To sheet can a chair, you will need a utility knife, wood glue and chisel. In caning old chairs, you have to remove the old cane on the groove. You can use a chisel to pry it out, since it is usually glued in its place.

Soak a cut sheet cane several hours in warm water. Beginning on the front, hold the sheet cane in place in the middle on all the side of the chair by pushing it into the groove using spline. Force the sheet cane in the groove using a chisel once it is in place. Make sure that the cane is tight at all times. Then, trim the cane in size using a knife to avoid poking out on the groove. Use wood glue in filling up the groove and wipe the excess so it does not harden.

In caning a chair by weaving, you should first determine the style of weaving you want to use. There are complex weaving styles, which you might need some advice to perform them. You can do the classic eight-side cane as used in antique chairs. You can start by putting the cane in the center hole in the front; use a peg in holding it in place and pull it up to the back hole. Repeat the process until the chair is fully caned in all sides.

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