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How can I create organic paint ?

Individuals who are capable of creating products that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly play a huge role in the maintenance of sustainable environment. Eco-friendly products are usually expensive and hard to find compared to some synthetics. Despite the challenges, there are products which we can create at our own homes, which have the same capabilities as those manufactured.

Organic paint is one of the products in question; you can buy this product in almost all hardware stores. Organic paint consists of the right proportions of organic compound, which gives the same finish and durability like regular paints. Usually, organic paint cost fifty dollars per gallon, but making your own is definitely possible.

In making an organic paint you will need a cup of bleach, five and quarter cups of water, half of mica filler powder, a cup of screened clay and organic dye as coloring. Start by mixing the flour and water in a mixing bowl and add the screened clay. Screened clay is available at any art store. Stir the mixture until the thickness is glue-like, add the mica filler powder, and continue stirring as it smoothens. Finally, add the organic dye with the desired color and mix the solution thoroughly.

Be sure that at each step, the mixture is thoroughly stirred for best result. If a certain ingredient was not fully mixed with all of the ingredients, the paint will appear uneven and lumpy. Organic paints can also stain clothing, so make sure to wear all the necessary equipments in making and applying organic paints.

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