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How can I fix a bike puncture ?

On any means of personal transportation, one of the most frustrating things to happen is to have a flat tire. In bicycle, flat tire can definitely ruin someone’s day. However, it does not have to be that worse, and there are ways on how to get back on the road. Fixing a flat tire can be very easy with the correct tools and proper steps.

Before you can do this, you need to have some plastic tire levers to remove the tube of your tire. Remember that it is not your tire that is flat but the tube inside it. Plastic tire levers are used to remove air tubes without causing any damage. There are some who uses screw drivers to pry the tires out of the rim, but just casing more damage in the air tube.

Once you already have the plastic levers check your bike to see how you can remove the tires from it. There are two ways to remove the tire for a bicycle – one is by quick-release levers, where you will just have to push a lever down to easily take the tire off – or by two bolts, which you will need a wrench. Know what method your bike has and remove your tires from it.

After you took the tires from your bike, remove the puncture tube and replace it with a new one or you can just patch the hole in it. Use the tire levers to take it off from the tire. If your plan to patch it up, you have to completely take the tube out of the tire and inflate it before submerging into water to know where the hole is.

Make sure to check the tire for the object that causes the hole and remove it to avoid any future flat tire. It is much easier to put back the new or the patched tube. Make sure to check that the entire tube is inside the tire before you put it back in the rim and position in your bike.

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