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How can I get rid and prevent Mildew ?

Mildew is a grayish fungus that grows on leaves, clothing, paper, leather, walls, and tiles. The type of this fungus commonly found around the home is called Ascomycota fungi, the powdery variety of mildew. They reproduce by producing cysts and pouches that burst when anything comes in contact with it, thus spreading its spores. Agriculture is most commonly affected by downy mildew, which is caused by protists.

The first step in preventing mildew is to control the amount of moisture present in the air. Powdery mildew loves moisture, and thrives on it. You can get rid of mildew by reducing the humidity in the room. This will also prevent the spores from dispersing. A dehumidifier is of great help in reducing the moisture inside a room and keeping it well ventilated. The home should also be made waterproof, from basements to crawl spaces to cracks – anywhere where moisture may be collected.

Arrange the room in such a way that you allow access to the breeze. This will do well to ventilate the room and get rid of trapped moisture. Air out your closets and other confined spaces once in a while. Moisture-prone areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, should always have open windows and exhaust fans.

It also helps to clean surfaces so as to prevent mildew from having anything to consume. Counters, toilets, floors, sinks, and walls should always be kept dry and clean. A counter full of grease can serve as a virtual breeding ground for mildew because it also thrives on the nutrients found in the oils. Dust and dirt can also feed mildew.

Removing mildew can be done with bleach or other heavy detergents. After washing, dry them immediately. For furnishings and fixtures where bleach may not be applied, you can purchase other cleaners as a substitute. Painting over mildew is futile; it will only grow through the paint. Walls should be washed and dried regularly to get rid of dust, dirt, and oil so as not to tempt mildew from growing.

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