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How can I get rid of the moss growing on my roof tiles? Is this a DIY or professional job?

We need to clean up the roof of moss. The recent builders nearly killed themselves sliding down the moss when it rained. I am not sure which professionals to ask, or, as it is a dormer bungalow, is this a job we can tackle ourselves, and is so, how?

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11 Responses to “How can I get rid of the moss growing on my roof tiles? Is this a DIY or professional job?”

  1. pammar34 said :

    you can buy specialist moss killer from your local garden centre.

  2. ascoile said :

    If you have access yes it is DIY

    There are two tasks, first remove moss, second prevention.

    Remove by simply scraping ( some will fall into your gutter so rememeber to remove so it doesn’t block the gutter)

    Prevention is to spray, wash or wipe with diluted bleach

  3. michael o said :

    you can also spray it with bleach. use a weed-b-gone sprayer that hooks to a garden hose and fill the product container with hilex. this worked on the north side of my wood fence. In two days the moss was dead and fell off in a cpl weeks.

  4. InnitBruv said :

    no way bruv. get a plumber.

  5. pebbles said :

    You could spray the moss which will kill it , but it will need to be scraped off to clean the dead roots , a power hose would do the job , when clean ,try a brick or stone sealer on the tiles , this will help prevent the moss from coming back , as well as prolonging the life of your roof, For safety hire a tower scaffold and a roof ladder , a harness strapped around the chimney , and yourself , and work away

  6. Ivan R said :


    (ANS) I’d have to say that dealing with moss depends upon x2 factors:-

    a) the steepness of your roof
    b) how advanced the moss growth is?

    No.1 If you have a steep angled roof then your going to need professionals who know how to remove the moss.

    **But if the roof is NOT steep it might be possible to undertake a DIY effort.

    No.2 Most can be quite tenacious and so although chemical treatments do work well you may find that for more permanent results it needs to be physically scraped off by hand (or both scraped & chemically treated).

    No.3 DON’T assume ordinary garden moss killer chemicals are suitable for this job, no! you need a specialist moss treatment chemicals on a roof.

    Regards Ivan

  7. Tis me said :

    First job is to remove the current moss.
    If you feel up to it / roof not too steep etc.
    Scrap off then spray some bleach on it.

    Longer term prevention. Believe you can fit a copper strip near the ridge of your roof. When it rains the water dissolves a minute amount of copper that kills / prevents any moss from regrowing.

    Check out this DIY forum for further info:

  8. doug brown said :

    you can buy a special moss remover, from most garden centres, a simple diy job, if you dont mind going up the ladders,.

  9. the_red_headed_one said :

    I don’t know what type of roof you have, but if it is shingled be careful using power washers as they can deteriorate the grit on them.
    I would use the bleach solution like someone else mentioned, but it may need to be reapplied regularily to prevent it from growing again. I am also going to assume that this part of your roof doesn’t get any sunlight? If trees limbs can be trimmed, so it can it may help keep the moss from regrowing.

    Good luck!

  10. Ian Prentice said :

    Hi, I am roof technician for a national roof specialist company, we can actually clean the roof completely, and then apply a fungicide wash that prevents re-growth as well as protecting the tiles with our unique coating system which is water based, environmentally friendly and Energy efficient. If at all interested please email me.

    Thank you

    Ian Prentice

  11. Ian Prentice said :


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