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How can I make my own sofa ?

Scientists take apart and reconstruct things all the time – that is how they make their discoveries. To know how your sofa looks and feels from inside out, take apart an old one so that you could see its interior. As you take each part away, you will get more acquainted with how the sofa works and how you can build one.

In making your own sofa, you would need some curved needles for stitching up the edges, straight needles for cushions and buttons, and some thread. First, you would have to obtain an old, beat-up sofa to use as your base. Take apart each component one at a time. If the frame is still sturdy enough, all you have to replace are the foam padding, fabric cover, and Dacron cover.

Rip the old foam off and attach the new one by stapling or gluing it. Remove the fabric carefully so as not to destroy the seams. This will provide you with a pattern that you can follow when you make your new sofa. Make sure that you leave enough space on the edges so that you can sew a seam.

Use sturdy pins to make the fabric stay in place before sewing it together. This will give you an idea if the fabric you made will fit the sofa. You may want to glue it in place before stitching so that you will be sure that it won’t move. After you’re satisfied, cut the fabric according to the measurements and put it over the foam covered with Dacron cover, then put pins on where the seams should be. Sew it and put it on the area you’re working on. Staple the edges.

Finally, construct one or two long cushions for the sofa. Seal it by sewing a zipper on or hand-sewing it. You can also opt to use Velcro which can be glued on so that you don’t have to utilize zippers.

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