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How can I put up shelves ?

The steps in installing shelves in your house are not difficult, but it needs some preparations. If you want to put up shelves in your home, you need to have your tools and materials ready. You need to precut the length shelving, brackets, screws and wall anchors.

In planning shelf installation, prepare a tape measure, pencil, screwdriver and a level. Also, have an electrical detector, stud finder and drill ready to make it easier. Make sure that the bit of your drill is smaller in diameter from your screws.

First, get the location on where you want to install your shelf; you will get the location base on the wiring of your wall. Make sure not to hit the wiring on the wall when you drill your holes. It is better to get the wall stud for your bracket; you can use the stud finder. If you don’t have one, you can just use your wall anchors in placing you brackets.

Mark the location of the shelf and the supporting brackets with a pencil. Take a moment and double check your marks and use a level for discrepancies. If needed, make some adjustments to be sure its level. Be aware of the shelf’s thickness and your marks, if your marks are floating on the underside where the shelf will be, do not allow the thickness of the shelf on your bracket adjustments.

The next step is drilling holes on the bracket marks. Some people find this unnecessary, but it makes inserting the anchors to the wall easier. Tap the anchors until it flushes with the wall. Once in place, screw the brackets with screw. Finally, put the shelves up on the brackets and use a level for last minute check. You can step back if the symmetry is what you desire for the shelf. If the shelf is on the right level, it is now ready to be dressed.

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